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Grilled Tomato Soup

grilled tomato soup with tarragon

Say NO to canned soup! This soup is easy to make and perfectly delicious as it combines the flavors of summer with the char of the grill. Try it!


10-12 Tomatoes

1 Onion

4 cloves Garlic

1 Jalapeno

2-4 tsp Salt

2-3 Tb. Tarragon

1 + cups Water

Lemon Zest, to finish

1. Rinse tomatoes and put on a vegetable grilling tray. If you don’t have one, order NOW…trust me!

grilled tomato soup

2. Grill tomatoes, onion, garlic, and jalapeno until nicely charred.

grilled tomato

3. Remove grilled items and put in a soup pot. I mashed the tomatoes, garlic, and jalapeno with a fork first then added in the onion before blending with my hand blender.

4. Add some water to your desired consistency, probably 1 cup.

5. Complement with fresh garden tarragon (thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano would also work) and fresh lemon zest.

6. Serve hot or room temperature. This is also a great base for a gazpacho.



Grilled Summer Vegetables

Make room on the grill for vegetables at your next BBQ!

grilled 1
Asparagus. Onion. Green Pepper. Parsnips with a curry paste. Look at the char! YUM!
62914 345
Grilled tomato and onion with olive oil, salt and pepper…squeezed lime on top after I took it off of the grill.
62914 301
Red onion. Zucchini. Parsnip. Carrot. Red Pepper. Portobello.


Vegetables (Tomato, Onion, Parsnip, Red/Yellow/Orange/Green Peppers, Zucchini, Broccoli, Asparagus, Mushrooms etc….)

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

1. Pick your favorite veggies.

2. Add olive oil, salt, and pepper.

3. Grill until a nice char is formed.

4. Eat!

TIP: When grilling mushrooms, give them a little bath first! Try: Soy sauce/Lemon juice/Vinegar with salt, pepper (add garlic, spices, red pepper flakes for some pizzazz). This brings out their flavors and makes sure they don’t become dry pebbles in the grilling process.

Grilled Portobello Burger

HELLO SUMMER! You are my favorite season with your warm sun, plump produce, and grill inducing attitude.

While I am certainly late to the Portobello burger party, in this case: it is way better late than never!

At a recent BBQ with options of chips and grilled meat… I opted for veggies: sliced carrots and apples instead of chips and mushroom instead of meat.

I also made this colorful salad to encourage everyone to decorate their burgers/dogs with some green (red and orange)!

veggie salad
Tip: Always give people options of veggies…they won’t be able to resist the colorful party! 😉


Let the mushroom marinate so it absorbs flavor…then put that baby on the grill!


Move over meat! …and you already know grilled avocado is smokey and creamy, right?





Portobello mushroom

Jamican Jerk Seasoning

Soy Sauce


Salt and Pepper


Olive Oil







1. Prepare marinade: Combine soy, lemon, garlic, jerk seasoning, salt and pepper, garlic, and olive oil in a bowl. Add mushrooms so it is well covered in the flavor juice (if you fork holes in the mushroom it’ll absorb those juices nicely too). Marinate for at least 10 minutes before putting on the grill.

2. Grill mushroom (about 10 minutes total), adding marinade on top while it grills to enhance and develop flavors.

3. Remove mushroom from the grill and create the burger of your dreams! I added kiwi–new favorite burger accoutrement–for a sweet touch that matched the texture of the farm-fresh tomatoes.

*My only mistake on this was putting the avocado directly on the bread—it got mushy fast but the taste was ALL there!

Photo Credit: Jordan Stelweck

Thanks Jordan! 🙂