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Eating a whole, plant-based diet gives you energy, full nutrition, and better health. I believe in the power of produce and that motivates a lot of my cooking. The majority of my cooking is vegetarian (daily) + vegan(daily) + fish (occasionally, 2-4x/month) + meat (rarely,2x?/year).  When I moved to Portland, Fabe and I moved into a ‘vegetarian house’ and this experience prompted an exciting challenge to my cooking. Vegetarian cooking prompted a lot of creativity and variety and satisfaction. After we moved out of that house, I continued the vegetarian cooking and have stuck with it since (2011). As I have developed in my vegetarian cooking, I have learned the importance of wholly balanced. I focus my meals around produce and what I have on hand prompts the end product. This leads to an open variety in the recipes that you will see posted. I have cut back a lot of dairy products and substituted for vegan ones (almond/coconut milk) that I prefer for more than its vegan-ness, i.e. flavor (+), chemical-free (+). However, there is no comparison to the flavor of cheese –sharp provolone, salty feta, creamy goat–enjoyed in moderation, of course. A conversation on fish and meat is a lengthy one that I will share thoughts on in a future post but the short is fish: fresh, wild, USA, no farmed fish ; meat: local, farm-raised, no factory meat.

Food Rules:

1. Do not be restricted to an exact recipe.

2. When in doubt, add more veggies.

3. Read the label: say no to chemicals!



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