Mexican Caprese

Ok, so I’ve created the perfect salad to celebrate my 100th post! Yayyyyuummmm!!!

It is vegan, raw, dairy-free and all those other words that turns some people off but we’re not cooking for them…we’re cooking for DELICIOUS!

This is a great side for a taco party, a summer BBQ, or for dinner with some rice and beans!

mexican caprese




Corn, fresh off cobb

Cumin Seeds, toasted

Lime Juice

Maldon Salt

Black Pepper, freshly cracked

Olive Oil

1. Slice tomato.

2. Slice avocado.

3. Alternate tom-avo-tom-avo-tom-avo on a plate.

4. Take the kernels off of the cobb and dress the plate.

5. Squeeze the juice of a lime on the veggies, sprinkle the salt, crack the pepper, and drizzle the oil.

6. If cumin is your jam (as it should be!), sprinkle some toasted cumin seeds atop the dish; cilantro is also welcome to this party!

7. Relish in the beauty of your creation (take pics…send to friends…) then mmmm!



3 thoughts on “Mexican Caprese”

  1. Seem sooo good! I’ll change a little (the avocado, it’s not for me), but now that I found my lactose free cheese (so happy!), I’m loving to use it everywhere! Kisses from Brazil!

    1. You don’t like avocado?! Kels did say that the Brazilian ones are different than the Mexican/Californian ones we get here. Traditional caprese with tomato and cheese is always a delicious combo!

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