Everybody Cooks! : Matzah Pizza

“Ya got ya matzah, ya got ya sauce, ya got ya cheese. And that’s how you make matzah pizza”, my cousin Reuben simply states. Then he proceeded to make said matzah pizza and it was perfect. Of course, I’m now thinking of the 74 other options for matzah pizza! For those of you that don’t celebrate Passover but want to get in on the matzah train this is your dish! It is like a super thin crust pizza with crunchy edges.


matzah pizza






1. Put sauce on a piece of matzah. Cook for a few minutes in the toaster oven to heat the sauce.

2. Sprinkle cheese on and cook until cheese is melted.

I’m thinking herbs (basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, cilantro), cheese (ricotta, goat, mozzarella, feta), and toppings (kalamata olives, red peppers, capers, sliced tomato, mushrooms, onion etc…) would create wonderful combinations. Passover just got yummier!


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