Sephardic Charoset

One of my favorite dishes at passover is charoset: a dish symbolic of the bricks and mortar. The Ashkenazi version is a delightful apple salad with cinnamon, walnuts, and red wine. The Sephardic recipe uses a combination of dried fruit instead of apples and it is a great side dish for any occasion..but this week is Passover and inspires the sharing of this recipe.



1 cup:

Golden Raisins

Dried Apricots


Coconut Flakes



Red Wine

1/2 cup:


Sunflower Seeds

Prune Preserve (use another preserve if you don’t have prune)

Orange Juice

1Tb Cinnamon

1 tsp Cloves

2 Tb Honey

Orange Zest

1. Chop all dried fruit and add to a bowl.

2. Add in spices then liquid and mix to combine.

3. Store in fridge and serve chilled or room temperature.

*This recipe made a large bowl so feel free to scale down the portions.



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