Mexican Salad Duo

mexican salad

Bookmark these recipes for your summer parties: 1. everyone loves Mexican food 2. these salads go with everything a summer BBQ has to offer 3. they can handle the summer heat!

Remember, avocado is always welcome to join this party 😉

Black Bean-Corn Salad


Red Onion

Cumin Seeds



Black Beans


Olive Oil

1. Dice onion and sautee with olive oil. Add cumin seeds to toast then add diced jalepeno.

2. Add corn to sautee pan, then add black beans.

3. Mix and season to taste.


Tomato-Zucchini Salsa


Cherry Tomato



Red Onion

Lime, zest and juice

Avocado Oil

1. Chop tomato, zucchini, cilantro, red onion and add to a bowl with lime zest, juice and oil.

Serve with tortilla chips, rice, in a tortilla, or on a green salad!



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