Meyer Lemon Sherbet with Strawberry Syrup


This recipe was inspired by the box full of Meyer lemons mailed fresh from a friend in California! Mrs. Schoeneck you’re wonderful, thank you for sharing!


5 Meyer Lemons, zest and juice

2 cans Coconut Milk, canned

2 tsp. Rose Water

1/2 cup Agave


1. Zest and juice lemons.

2. Mix in a bowl with coconut milk, rose water, and agave. Add more agave/rose water to your taste preference.

3. Pour mix into ice cream maker and let the machine do all the work! In about 20-30 minutes it should be done. Put in freezer and keep until it is all gone.




Rose Water



1. Dice strawberries and add to a bowl w 2 tsp sugar and rose water. Allow to marinate.

2. Add to a pot with water and bring to a boil. Cook until the water evaporates and a thick syrup is formed.

3. Cool and refrigerate.

*This was my first attempt at making ice cream-ish and I love the combination of the creamy coconut milk against the tangy citrus. Needless to say, many more derivations of this recipe is to come! The strawberry syrup adds a little sweetness and texture against the sour-creamy-tang of the sherbet.

Note: The strawberry syrup was inspired by my love Bebe! <3<3<3



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