A Saturday Brunch: Breakfast Taco

I got the goodies at the Italian Market (the only place for the best tortillas in Philly), Reuben opened his kitchen, and together with Memmie we cooked this perfect brunch:

mise en

black bean salad

egg onion cilantro tortilla


Black Bean Salad:

Red Onion




Peppers: Green, Yellow, Red




Black beans




1. Chop all vegetables. Put chopped onion, garlic, and jalepeno in a bowl with fresh lemon juice and let that marinate before adding to the other ingredients.

2. Mix all ingredients in the bowl. Add avocado last.

3. Sautee onion in a pan with olive oil, salt and peper and cilantro. Crack egg on top of veggies. Cover for a few minutes. When done serve on toasted tortilla.

4. Add black bean salad to tortilla and open a beer!

5. mmmmmmm!


2 thoughts on “A Saturday Brunch: Breakfast Taco”

  1. Ok, hum, this may seem naive and beginners stuff (that’s why I never ask, but now I’m like whatever, I am a beginner!) , but I have to ask: the beans I’ll put them precooked?

    1. I either use canned beans or I cook them myself in a pressure cooker. Cooking them on your own gives the best flavor and you can control the salt etc. This recipe is cooked black beans with the veggies….let me know when you try it! xo

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