Kitchen Sink Vegetable Soup

When in doubt, make a soup!

veggie soup

A mixed vegetable soup is easy to prepare, fresh, and always satisfying. If you have a bunch of vegetables that have been around for a while and on the verge of not fresh enough for a salad, they’ll be perfect for a soup!







Yellow Squash



Green Beans


Salt and pepper

Fennel fronds

Bay leaf

Italian Parsley

1. Sautee onion, add garlic then add in chopped vegetables (start with carrots, then celery, then peppers, and then tomato. Add green beans and corn last (after stock added or they will over cook).

2. Sautee mushrooms and zucchini in a separate pan to get some texture on those veggies then add to the soup pot.

3. Add homemade vegetable broth (I used fennel bulb, carrots, celery, mushroom stems, onion, garlic, salt and pepper) to cover sauteed veggies.

4. Bring to a soft boil then pull off heat and allow to sit for flavors to marinate. Add green beans and corn at the end because they don’t need a long cook time the heat of the soup will cook them and keep a nice crunchy texture. You don’t want to overcook this soup or the veggies will turn from their vibrant colors. Add chopped fennel fronds, parsley (any herbs on hand).

4. Serve soup with crusty bread and Parmesan cheese (optional).

Take whatever collection of vegetables you have on hand in the kitchen to bring a simple, hearty vegetable soup together.


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