Qunioa-Chickpea Cakes

quinoa chickpea cakes

Served with a cool mixed herb-yogurt dressing.




Spices: cumin, coriander, mint, paprika, salt and pepper


Chickpea flour (or panko or breadcrumbs)

Coconut Oil

Herbed Yogurt:



Fennel Fronds

Italian Parsley


Lemon zest and juice

Salt and Pepper

Plain Greek Yogurt

1. Cook quinoa. Cook chickpeas (or take from a can).

2.Mix quinoa, chickpeas, spices, herbs, egg, and chickpea flour in a bowl.

3. Make patties from the ‘dough’ and pan fry with coconut oil.

4. With hand blender, mix herbs, lemon, and yogurt.

5. Serve sauce with cakes.

*This was a random recipe inspired by overcooked quinoa that I couldn’t throw out…and it totally worked! Try these ‘cakes with lentils or black beans–both amazing. You can also sautee onion, garlic, red/green peppers, celery and herbs and add that to the ‘dough’ before frying.

**You could make these in a smaller size and serve as an appetizer or use 1/4 cup measurement for a meal portion.


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