Vegan: Day 14.

TWO WEEKS VEGAN! I’ve enjoyed this challenge so far. A couple of times it would’ve been nice to have an egg or add some cheese to a dish but I don’t feel deprived at all. Who knows..maybe I’ll continue this beyond February 28th. 😉

Lunch: Chinese stir-fry vegetables with rice. Orange.

Snack: Dates. 90% chocolate. Original Tings (vegan Cheetos..and no chemicals!)

Dinner: Black bean salad with rice and avocado. Clementines.


When I cooked the black beans for the soup  I put about a third of the beans to the side to make this black bean salad. A simple mix of lime, olive oil, tomato, green pepper, oregano, and cumin. A great staple to have in the kitchen with a variety of uses…and always delicious!


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