Chinese Stir-Fried Vegetables


I looked in the fridge and saw Portobello mushrooms that needed to be used and thought to do a stir-fry to take to work the next day. This recipe came about just from what I had on hand and turned out to be delicious. I even ate some as a snack as is.


Portobello mushrooms

Green Peppers



Sesame Seeds

Soy Sauce




Sesame Oil


1. Prepare all veggies: slice uniformly.

2. Add onions to a hot sautee pan then add oil, garlic, ginger, jalapeno.

3. Add carrots then peppers then mushrooms. Sautee in pan then add water and put a lid on the pan.

4. Once mushrooms look about halfway cooked, add soy sauce, put lid back on for a few minutes until the mushrooms are cooked through. Don’t over cook the veggies you want them to maintain vibrancy of color.

5. Add sesame seeds and scallions to dish.

*Serve with rice or save to take to work.

**Other veggies that would be great with this: broccoli, red pepper, cabbage, celery, corn, water chestnuts.


3 thoughts on “Chinese Stir-Fried Vegetables”

  1. Congrats on two weeks vegan! This recipe looks delicious! I’ve been looking for more ways to make veggies. Will definitely give this a try.

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