Apricot Coconut Walnut Bon-bons

apricot truffles

If I were a 50’s housewife,I’d be styled like this and be eating these apricot bon-bons while I vacuum and drink martinis. Not only are they decadent but they are full of healthy fats and protein–all providing necessary energy to perform said house chores!

Laura Miller from Raw.Vegan.Not Gross taught me how to make raw truffles and this recipe IS amazing but I have adapted it many times and the ganche recipe is a staple of my kitchen. So watch her process…basically that’s what I did just with different ingredients for the inside of the sweet nutty treat.


Dried apricots

Unsweetened coconut flakes

Coconut Oil




Cocoa powder

Vanilla Extract

Orange Zest

1. Put apricots in food processor and blend until the flesh is broken down. Add walnut and coconut flakes, blending until it is a course meal. Add coconut oil, salt, and vanilla extract and blend until a dough is formed. Do not over blend. Leaving small walnut chunks is a nice texture in the finished product.

2. Put the mixture in a bowl and chill. One the dough is firm, remove from fridge and roll out balls then freeze them.

3. In a bowl, add cocoa powder, agave, and melted coconut oil and stir until a luxurious chocolate ganache is formed. Make sure all of the cocoa powder is mixed in.

4. Remove apricot balls from freezer. Dip in chocolate ganache then add fresh orange zest on top of each truffle.

* I keep these truffles in the freezer so they maintain their shape but they can be served frozen, chilled, or room temp.


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