Vegan: Day 3.

As I write this post I realize I’ve had that vegan chilli for the past three days…what can I say? It is really delicious! While you may look at that and already be bored (only because you haven’t tasted it 😉 ) it is important to have prepared food available for yourself when you want to eat. That is the easiest way to eat healthier and encourage more cooking. I used to cook nearly every day (when my commute was 15 minutes) but now, I take a weekend morning and prepare several dishes that will sustain me (and my family) through the week. It is much easier to scoop soup or a couscous salad into a container and leave for work than actually prepare a lunch in the morning…I don’t have time for that! 

So, try it! Make a few items that will last you throughout the week and let me know how it goes. What did you make? How did you add versatility to the recipe to keep it interesting? 

Breakfast: Rice and seaweed. Consider it easy homemade sushi..I love the sesame roasted flavor!

Snacks: Roasted peanuts. Oat flour pretzels. Honeybell oranges. Dried apricots.

Lunch: Chilli with toasted baguette. 

Dinner: Toasted baguette with hummus and tomato. Sliced tomato with salt and pepper.


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