yummy salad.

salad222014 012


Spinach, chopped

Pink lady apple

Edamame (if you bought frozen, run over cold-warm-cold water to defrost them)



Red pepper

Sesame seeds, toasted

Honeybell Vinaigrette

1. Chop produce.

2. Put sesame seeds in sautee pan at medium heat. Keep eye on them so they don’t burn. Once they turn a shade of brown they’re done! (This is step one for homemade tahini…future post!)

3. Assemble ingredients, toss with dressing, eat!

Honeybell vinaigrette:

Honeybell (or any orange)


Maple syrup

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil

1. Juice citrus.

2. Add dijon, syrup, salt and pepper.

3. Slowly stream in olive oil and whisk ingredients to blend.

*You can make dressings in bulk and have them on hand in fridge for when you are ready to use them….I usually do it on the spot because it’s so easy!


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