Breakfast taco.



Whole wheat tortilla, toasted


Avocado, ripe


Black bean salad, see below

Hot sauce


1. Fold tortilla in half and put in toaster.

2. Put black bean salad in pan and heat.

3. Crack egg into bowl then pour on top of black beans.

4. Cover pan to allow egg to cook.

5. Place lettuce and avocado on tortilla

6. Once egg is cooked to your liking, put black beans and egg on one half of the tortilla.

7. Spoon rest of heated beans on tortilla.

8. Add hot sauce.

9. Fold in half and eat!


Black Bean Salad:

Black beans

Red pepper




Olive Oil


Red Onion

Salt and Pepper

1. Mix ingredients in bowl.

2. Eat!



3 thoughts on “Breakfast taco.”

  1. Your recipes are interesting and sound delicious. I loved the pictures of the food too. I would love to read a story about your recipe on your blog. Did you develop the recipe yourself? What was your motivation? Are you going to focus on healthy food, food in season, vegetarian, etc.? What did your family think about the recipe? You are so knowledgeable about spices, I would love to hear about your thoughts on why you used the specific spices in the recipes and what other spice combinations could you add to alter the palate? For beginner cooks, I would add amounts of the ingredients that you used. Great job Danielle!

    1. Thank you Mrs. Schoeneck! The site is a work in process and I am developing aspects to what I share every day. I appreciate your suggestions. Also, I LOVE the citrus you sent back…I’ve been using everyday! xo

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